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True Colors Overview

This week we decided to take a different approach to general meetings, we did the True Colors workshop. This is what one of our members and board members thought.


When I think of the color red, the first thing that comes to my mind is a rose. When I think of the color yellow, I think about the sun. Colors can stand for a lot, but HBSA takes on an entirely different approach. During the general meeting, we participated in an activity that determined our “True Colors”. There were people who identified with different colors such as orange, gold, green or blue. I identified with the color orange, which meant that I am outspoken, and outgoing. I was surprised to see that there was an equal amount of people within each color group, each color described a different personality which goes to show that what makes HBSA so unique and successful is the diversity that our organization entails. None of us have the same personality, but that is what makes us such a great team.

So there is a method to the madness, filling out a short form you must identify what you personally feel more connected with, completing the page you score your answer and get your results based off that.

So this is how it was organized: Greens were logical and thinkers, Oranges were fun and adventurous, Golds are considered organized and get things done, and Blues are sensitive and passionate people. Apparently HBSA has a bunch of Oranges and Golds! Whoooohoooo! Which means…drumroll please…that we are the type people that get things done and LOVE to have fun. Go HBSA! I can’t wait to use this information to learn more about how people work. True colors was a fantastic workshop! 




Elements of an Elevator Speech

Elements of an Elevator Speech

Elements of an Elevator Speech

1. What’s unique about you

2. Be smooth

3. Short and sweet

4. Action verb—what do you do

5. Stand behind it

6. Be confident—give attitude

7. Smile

8. Listen

9. Leave them wanting more

10. Need more than one elevator speech

Give them a quick overview:

Who am I? What do I offer? What problem is solved? How can I contribute?

HBSA meeting 3/14/12

On yesterday’s meeting, there was a Time Management Workshop presented by Meghan McGuire from Northwestern Mutual. She gave us a couple of tips to manage our time better. Some of those were: to avoid hitting the “snooze” button on your alarm, do something which she called “focus work time” which meant to dedicate about 15-20 minutes of study time or reading increments and then do whatever else you want to, and to “rise early” or wake up early and get important activities done first.

She asked a few questions to the HBSA members after her presentation and gave some cool sunglasses to the people that answered correctly. In the end, she gave some HBSA members information about her company’s internship opportunities.

Below is a picture of Marco and Ms McGuire.

Author: Fernando Hernandez

Woodstock’s Social Spring 2012

Hey Everyone,

Ready for the first HBSA event? I am! I can’t wait for the fun to start. For those of you who have never attended a Woodstock’s social before, it is basically the first event of the semester where you get to meet NEW people, HBSA officers and past members. Everyone is invited, it’s all about SOCIALIZING and NETWORKING and of course having FUN. (If you click on HBSA, you can find out more) Add us on FB 🙂

Here is a video of a Woodstock’s social we had last year:

Hope to see you all there!!!!


Name: Woodstock’s Social

Date: Friday, February 10

Time: 6pm-10pm