The San Diego Weekender

Every semester SDSU HBSA hosts its SD Weekender, in which all the schools under the United Latino Students (ULS) participate. We get together and get to know one another on a more personal level.

The San Diego Weekender was an absolute hit! Eleven schools from Fresno and UC Santa Barbara to CSU Fullerton and UC Riverside came down to our lovely city of San Diego to engage in social networking with everyone a part of the United Latino Students (ULS). We thank those that housed people from different schools to show the hospitality and family orientated mindset HBSA revolves around. Everyone had a great time between going to the house social, to community service and the barbecue, the club social, and some even going across the border to Tijuana, Mexico! Many students and alumni got to socialize with several students from other schools and several said that after this SD Weekender they could not wait until the next ULS event they could participate in to see everyone again. On behalf of the executive board from the SDSU HBSA, we would like to thank everyone for attending the SD Weekender and we can’t wait till the next weekender in Fresno!


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