Why join HBSA?

Why join HBSA? Everyone comes from different background, some of us even from different states but in the end we are all here at SDSU. Something along the way made us choose to investigate HBSA in order to find out more about it. For some it was the flyers around school that triggered our interest, for others it was the free food that caught our attention, like Chipotle. But in the long run we continue to stay here and find out the meaning of why we choose to remain. There is no simple explanation or reason as to why people join HBSA,, in the end however, it all comes down to being a family away from home, a place where we can be ourselves and get to know people that are just like us, going through the same struggles of being a college student. In the long run being a part of HBSA helps you to realize that there are countless options open for you no matter what career path you choose. As well as opening the door to many different opportunities from volunteering to giving you tips on how to land your dream job.

For me joining HBSA was about finding a home away from home, a place where I can call home. A place where people are willing and able to help you and where you do not have to be afraid to ask for help. Not only that but the more I went to HBSA and took part in its events I realized how much it has to offer its like a big sister that opens the doors for you, and now being a senior at SDSU I decided to give back, and be an officer of the High School Conference, because HBSA is all about giving back.

–Natalia Martinez

High School Conference Coordinator


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